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Challenge Cup

BMW BELARUS establishes a unique trophy – CHALLENGE CUP

In 2022 a unique trophy – CHALLENGE CUP – was established within the framework of the development of golf sports in the Republic of Belarus by the BMW brand. The gold-plated cup of handmade work is custom-designed and inspired by the legendary RYDER CUP. It is a cup of unique design and its own history of development.

In cooperation with the Minsk Golf Club, the official BMW dealer – AUTOIDEA – holds an annual series of golf tournaments. During the season golfers earn rating points, as a result of which the winner is awarded at the end of the season. Starting from 2022, each winner`s name appears on the base of the cup, hereby creating the history of development of golf sports in the Republic of Belarus by the BMW brand. It will be the ultimate privilege for every golfer to leave their name on the cup. Besides, each winner of the season has a unique opportunity to take part in the annual BMW GOLF CUP WORLD FINAL.

In the upper part there is a bowl made in the classic style of the main element – the winner's trophy;

At the top of the cup there is a golfer 's figure in the moment after the stroke: the golf club is raised, the feet are in a characteristic pose, the gaze is fixed in the direction of the ball;

In the lower part of the bowl there is one of the main elements of the golfing – a ball;

The transition to the base of the cup is furnished with a bouquet of laurel leaves, with the laurel leaf being the oldest symbol of victory and peace.

The central vertical part is a play on the line of the golf club;

The official logo of the cup

Tournament table 2022

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